Android webview 调用相机及文件选择


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解决Ubuntu字体以及Android Studio 界面字体发虚

一直没有去解决字体问题,今天实在闲的蛋疼,折腾AS,就顺便把Ubuntu的字体也搞一下,之前自己切换了一个字体用着还不错,但是修正完之后还是觉得之前的太渣渣了 附上链接:1/2 解决as字体发虚问题.只需一行命令

插入到studio.sh文件中,就写在开头注释下边即可,然后在启动就可以了. 相关链接:1/2

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由于CursorTreeAdapter中的group与child的cursor用的是一个,所以用法也是比较猥琐的 但是导致一个问题,group默认未收起状态,之后展开再收起会导致整个list给干掉(用hierarchyviewer查看list没有任何item) 这问题老子搞了一下午实在没有办法,晚上又从源码看起忽然发现收起的回调方法onGroupCollapsed被CurosrTreeAdapter给重写了,遂在自定义adapter中重新重写此方法改为空,这次展开收起没有消失,正常了,具体原因想必看了源码就了解了:)    

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MaterialDesignLibrary(This is a library with components of Android L to you use in android 2.2)

Material Design Android Library How to use Components Buttons Flat Button Rectangle Button Float Button Float small button Switches CheckBox Switch Progress indicators Progress bar circular indeterminate Progress bar indeterminate Progress bar indeterminate determinate Progress bar determinate Slider Slider with number indicator Widgets SnackBar Dialog Color selector 源码地址:MaterialDesignLibrary

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QuickReturn QuickReturn is a library which showcases the QuickReturn UI pattern. It can be used for header views, footer views, or both header views and footer views. Support for ScrollView and ListView Comes with examples of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ QuickReturn views Sample Usage The example below shows how to set up a QuickReturn view […]

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Description Android Buttons With Built-in Progress Meters. Latest version 1.0.2 Wiki Home Screenshots User Guide Integration The lib is available on Maven Central, you can find it with Gradle, please

Sample Available on DevAppsDirect License

源码地址:android-process-button 镜像地址:android-process-button

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WheelView WheelView is an Android library that allows drawables to be placed on a rotatable wheel. It behaves like a Circular ListView where items rotate rather than scroll vertically. It isn’t limited by the number of items that can fit on the wheel since it will cycle through each adapter position when the wheel is […]

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Android Weak Handler

Android Weak Handler Memory safer implementation of android.os.Handler Problem Original implementation of Handler always keeps hard reference to handler in queue of execution. Any object in Message or Runnable posted to android.os.Handler will be hard referenced for some time. If you create anonymous Runnable and call to postDelayed with large timeout, that Runnable will be […]

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FoldableLayout Android widgets to implement folding animation. Sample app Usage Note: minimum Android SDK version is 14. Add dependency to your build.gradle file:

Unfoldable details usage Foldable list usage API reference See sample app sources for complete usage example. Basic library concepts Read this blog post. License

源码地址:FoldableLayout 镜像地址:FoldableLayout

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